West Forks, ME

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Dead River Highwater Featured Trip

"Be there when they raise the Dead " Experience this great whitewater rafting river on the highest releases of the year! The scenery and the rapids make the Dead River one of New England’s premier whitewater runs.  The river flows sixteen miles through a true Maine wilderness.  There are 10 special high water dam releases in the spring and fall. Spring trips experience extra high water while the fall delivers spectacular fall colors.These dam releases fill the river with whitewater and create one of longest continuous stretches of whitewater rapids rafted in the East. This rafting trip is fun, fast, and furious. The rapids build as the day progresses with big class IV+ holes and large wave hits. Highlights of the day are  “The Mine Field” “Elephant Rock” and “Humpty Dumpty”.  The wilderness setting is outstanding and we finish the day on the best rapid the class IV+ ” Poplar Hill Falls”.  This mile long rapid has over 15 large waves. This whitewater rafting trip is a fantastic way to kick off or wind up the rafting season. 

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